Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dog day care business

If you are considering opening your own dog day care business, you need to put yourself in the mind of your potential customers. They are going to have some questions for you and expect intelligent answers before they even consider using your service.

Usually the first thing thought on their mind is their dog's safety like...

Do you have a fenced in area where their dog will be able to play and exercise? The last thing they want is a glorified kennel where there dog is up most of the day.

Do you provide adequate supervision? If there are lots of dogs and not much staff people will often feel they are not getting their value.

Are all of the dogs up to date with their vaccinations?

Is there some sort of system for separation should their dog or others have issues? This puts people's minds at ease if they know their dog is protected.

Is there plenty of water for their dog? This is especially important if the dogs are going to be outside for a good portion of their stay with you.

This is some basic questions that you need to answer if you are looking into running your own dog day care business.

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